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9 Times Chandler Bing Was Actually Your Spirit Animal

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Oh, Chandler. The Friends character famed for his social awkwardness who has garnered our sympathy (and been the butt of our jokes) for years. I mean, really, could he be any more awkward? Even if you consider yourself more of a Rachel or a Joey... deep down, at some point we all have been Chandler Bing. 

1. When you wake up in a strange place after one too many $1 shots

2. And then someone cuts in front of you at Starbucks

3. Sitting in your 8 AM class hungover like

4. When you have to explain your finals week diet to your mother

5. When your weird aunt comes in for a hug at Thanksgiving

6. Attempting to socialize with people in the "real world"

7. When your friends invite you on another group date

8. When you spot the guy you made out with at the bar on campus

9. When the tracking number says your KMSS package is coming today

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