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8 Signs That Big/Little Reveal Is Almost Here

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If you're in a sorority, you know that Christmas Eve comes three times a year: the night before Christmas, the night before bid day, and the night before Big/Little reveal. If you’re experiencing the pre-reveal butterflies, that's a sign it's almost time to welcome the perfect new addition to your already perfect family! Here are 8 other signs that it’s almost Big/Little reveal:

1. Your room looks like Hurricane Hobby Lobby blew through. Drying crafts cover every inch of your room and there is more glitter on the floor than at a Kesha concert. Why bother cleaning, though? You're just going to think of something else to make your precious new little anyway.


2. The cashier at the craft supply store knows you by name. She knows you have the 15% off coupon. And she knows she’ll see you tomorrow.


3. You have packages delivered daily. You’re living on Ramen and cheap wine because all of your money goes to super cute goodies for your future little. She probably doesn't need 5 key chains, 2 tumblers, and 20 decals with your letters printed on them… but she's your little and she deserves the best.


4. Your wedding planning on Pinterest has come to a halt. The venue, dress, and bling will have to wait- you’re busy searching through tutorials on The Cooler Connection. Luckily, you aren’t even engaged so planning the big day can wait- cute corner designs, matching fonts, and modge podge techniques are far more important at a time like this.


5. You've asked your parents for money to buy “books". You could tell them what the money is actually for, but they would undoubtedly accuse you of going overboard. They just wouldn’t understand.


6. Your t-shirt drawer can actually close now. After ruling out the shirts you absolutely couldn’t bear to part with, you’ve decided which of your most prized oversized tees to pass down to your little.


7. You spend night and day plotting your plan for the actual reveal. The scavenger hunt clues can't be too hard.... or too easy.... or too long.... or too short. Will you pop out of a box? Roll yourself in wrapping paper? The options are endless. All you know is it's got to be something super cute that she will never forget.


8. You snagged a Little, Big, and Grand Big tank from Kiss My Southern Sass so that your super hot fam can have the best Insta pics, ever. #BigKnowsBest


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