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12 Signs It's No Motivation November

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No Shave November? More like No Motivation November. With only 5 weeks left in the semester, it's serious crunch time for students nationwide. Finals are looming, group projects are in full swing, and we all feel a little defeated. You should probably be studying right now, if we're being honest.... but read this list first.

1. Do I care about what I look like going to class?


2. When I found out all of my finals are scheduled for the same day


3. "Did you do the reading?"


4. All day, every day


5. Whenever anyone mentions "the real world"


6. "The seven day forecast shows brisk winds, cloudy skies, and a high of 40 degrees"


7. When I have to wear anything dressier than yoga pants


8. Every time I find a job I want and it requires 5,000+ years of experience to be considered


9. Crossing things off my to do list but adding new things so the list never actually gets any shorter...


10. When my dad asks me where all of my allowance has magically gone


11. I'm just trying to figure out my life at this point


12. And I'm honestly just happy I'm not suffering alone


Happy No Motivation November! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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