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10 Signs the Semester is Almost Over (as told by Gilmore Girls)

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Thanksgiving is in two weeks. While we should be stressing about finals and how they are less than a month away... most of us are day dreaming about grandmas mac and cheese, drinking our parents beer, and watching lots and lots of football. Alas, we can't just ignore the ever-growing pile of work we need to do before the semester is over. Chances are you've already seen some of the signs of the stress storm that's brewing. Don't worry, even Yale graduate Rory Gilmore has been there- and she turned out just fine.

1. Your caffeine intake is getting a little extreme

Whatever, sleep is for the weak.

2. When someone in your hardest class says they "haven't started studying" and they "aren't worried about it"


Just stop. 

3. When you make plans to study with a friend and you wind up having deep life discussions instead

4. When you know you shouldn’t have another cup, but you basically have no choice


5. When you try and remind yourself of your goals


6. But then you look at your planner again


7. "OK, time to get serious"


Here we go

8. There's not a chance in hell you're putting makeup on for this


No time for that

9. When the FOMO starts to set in...

10. When it's all over and you can finally breathe


Let me sleep for a week and get back to you.

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