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10 Reasons Fall Brings Out the Basic Betch in All of Us

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The season that basic betches love most is finally upon us: FALL. Leaves are changing colors, school has started, and it feels like a fresh start. Fall definitely brings out the basic betch in all of us- here are some reasons why:

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1. Pumpkin spice everything: This seasonal flavor is only available for a limited time, so naturally we want to buy it in every possible form. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice Oreos, pumpkin spice muffins… We love it all and we don’t care how basic it is.


2. Bikini season is over: As fun as it was to lay out with our besties all summer, looking hot takes werk. The beginning of fall means it’s time to trade our teeny bikinis for super cute and comfy layers…. And carbs.


3. Yoga pants: The weather is getting chilly and our tans are starting to fade- time to retire our Nike shorts and bring out the Beyonce of all pants- yoga pants. The comfiest alternative to no pants at all, yoga pants are a staple in any basic betch’s fall wardrobe. (No actual yoga required.)


4. So many activities: When October rolls around, basic betches become significantly more outdoorsy. Interested in dating a basic betch? Take us to a pumpkin patch so we know it’s real. From hayrides to haunted houses to carving super cute pumpkins - you name it, we want to do it.


5. Boots: Cowboy boots, riding boots, ankle boots, and yes- even Uggs. We have boots for every possible occasion until Spring Break and we are not sorry about it at all.


6. Halloweek: Because we have way too many costumes and parties to squeeze into one single night. Duh.


7. Sweaters: Having a lazy morning? Sweater. Ready for your nightly Netflix binge? Sweater. Going to a bonfire? Sweater. Casual date night? Sweater. You get the idea.


8. Cuddle weather: Let’s be honest- basics love to cuddle anytime, any place. But there is something special about the fall that makes cuddling even more appealing. Grab a blanket, light a scented candle, and text your man- it’s going down… in cuddle town.


9. Hocus Pocus: 13 Nights of Halloween is quickly approaching… Prepare thine self.


10. Spirit jerseys: They’re oversized, come in all different colors, and can be worn with yoga pants, leggings, or no pants at all- a basic betch’s dream. Grab one with your sorority letters, your university name, OR show some southern pride with a Kiss My Southern Sass Spirit Jersey. So. Presh.

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